Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wedding moods

Four mood boards for three days of celebration. The brief: A traditional setting that marries (no pun intended!)  contemporary and kitschy elements.. Lends three distinct looks to the three evenings. Is fun and makes the most of the location..a renovated palace in Rajasthan. I am no wedding planner , but compelled by the colours  and light of   all things Indian that a Indian wedding usually epitomises, I found myself putting the `looks' together.
Sharing it here, if only for the fun that went into it...!

What to you guys think? Do indulge me.. let the suggestions and ideas flow!
look forward to hearing from  you :)

Most images used for the mood boards are courtesy the internet. 


Vasudha Narasimhan said...

Gorgeous Chandan!!!! I loved the Engagement and the pool side wedding concepts the most:)

Chandan said...

Thanks a lot Vasudha .. :)

In re my request for feedback, Aarohi Singh ( Just inboxed me this detailed response, I am posting it here with her permission :)

I love the boards. But in response to your request for feedback-

The first board is too purple. But what a purple- ROYAL. Do introduce little bits of other jewel tones. But only tiny bits. It will make purple pop all the more. An emerald green perhaps?

The jewellery piece in the Sangeet board definitely caught my eye. I like the second board the best- it balances colour really well and does the kitschy thing with elan.

The mehendi board with the genda phool colour inspiration is wonderful. It marries well with the bandhani.

The red for the actual wedding is great. The only thing with so many roses...feels a little western and not very traditional.

(I am going by what I see on the boards itself. I have absolutely NO DOUBT on your colour/composition and balancing capabilities. In fact I envy them sometimes. So this is just for fun :-))I can't wait to see

Veda said...

Its very nice!!!!!! coz its colorful! four different takes.....basically I like the day its purple themed....another day its an nice amalgamation of colors.....mehendi for me has to be the flowers and the decor elements chosen blend really well!.....and the poolside one is really glamorous....

So in all....Its a very good variation!


Tina / said...

The pink + orange and yellow mood boards are my favorite. The yellow is nice because it's a bright color that you don't see used in weddings very often.

Chandan said...

Thanks Veda! : I think the variation was paramount in deciding the looks >.

Hey Tina!: Thanks for dropping by GAH.. I must tell you there were two stripey pillows in my shopping basket today! Talk about subliminal stimulai! :)

My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you so much Chandan for your encouraging comments. Love your blog too and your photography. hugs Anu


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