Monday, March 19, 2012

Something for the kids this Holi!

A little post about  a fab app developed by a dear friend. 
Hong Kong based Shameeli Sinha in conjunction with  her partner Aarti Khanna have unveiled fabulous apps targeting kids aged 2-10 years compatible with, the iphone, ipad and android devices . The idea is to provide them with fun and engaging ways to learn about Indian culture and languages.

``As children become increasingly technology savvy, we feel the best way to do this is through engaging applications and games, accessible on the web, or on mobile devices, such as smart-phones and tablet PCs'', they say.

The duo launched their first app called  Diwali with Tamarind Tots - related to Diwali late last year.
In time for Holi this year, they offer a burst of  colours with  their new app, Holi with Tamarind Tots. Available in its Lite version for iphone ( sample it here ) The app offers a flavor of the festival of colours allowing kids to celebrate this fun festival on a mobile device. 
Kids get to choose their avatar, celebrate Holika dahan with their friends and engage in a colourful frolic with pichkaaris, gubbare and gulal finally finishing off with yummy Indian food too!
The full app for the iphone is available here, and  for the ipad here .

Do check out their website here, and their facebook page here.

All the best Shameeli and Aarti!!


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