Saturday, August 27, 2011

Colour Stories : Green....

While on the subject of colour, one looks at art for inspiration. And on the subject of art, I just have to mention Rothko! Mark Rothko, born Marcus Rothkowitz was an American painter born in Russia. Among the greats of abstract expressionist, his work is a sublime example of stunning beauty that is achievable with pigment.
His famous rectangle paintings, are simple, yet deeply moving works. Blocks of colours, coexist on his canvases in a harmony of four sided shapes, rich in texture and luminosity. A lot of what I did in the house is inspired by the master.
This is a post about my green wall. The guest bedroom wall. I chose a dual toned wall, an almost chutney green textured with a very dark teal green.
Posting pictures of the different Rothko inspired permutations and combinations of wall and room colours.. Have mostly restricted pattern to minimum while playing in on texture in the space.

In terms of connotations and symbolism, green is an intriguing colour, denoting both the positive and negative, holy and unholy at the same time. Often times related with growth and fertility, it is also said to denote immaturity jealousy. Where in some religions like Islam it is the colour of purity and sacredness in others it is symbolic of the devil. For the materialistic, green is the colour of cash and abundance. Luckily the most popular association of the colour links it with nature.

..The idea appeals to me a lot. Green has long been my favourite colour.

Translating the colour into the space, restricted the colour pallet of the room to a select few colours complementary to the green family, which it self is a non subtractive colour- created by a mixture of yellow and blue.

Where the base of the soft-furnishings, I then use in the room are green or a more neutral beige, the accent colours vary from those in the same family or from the complementary spectrum...
Have to mumble a complaint here about paint companies and how misleading their catalogues are. We went through cycles of painting and repainting this one until I got something I was happy with. None of the variants resembled the sample colour provided on the Asian Paints catalogue at all however!.
Unfortunately none of the painters I worked with, or the paint companies knew how to do it. If anybody has an idea about how to achieve the look, do drop in a line. Will be much appreciated :) !


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