Monday, October 22, 2012

Festive Decor tips at Good Earth

With Diwali just a few weeks away, decor workshops are on offer by the dozen. I decided  to check one out at the popular Good Earth store at Raghuvanshi mills, Mumbai.
Conducted by stylists to the celebrities Kanika Bawa and the Extra Mile cafe, the workshop used delectable accessories and materials readily available at the store itself.   Sharing a few pictures ideas to help  add that extra something to Diwali sparkle this year!

Most of the materials are available at the store, so to recreate any of them, one simply has to head to Good Earth..

 However, many of the elements used in styling table top arrangements are readily available around the house..

Appropriate arrangements befitting the occasion can be created using traditional flowers and leaves such as- mogra's, marigold, tube roses, roses, betel leaves, mango leaves etc.

Diwali is the festival of lights, glitter and sparkle,  a good time to introduce shine and bling to the house using an array of materials- brass, silver, sequins, beads, textiles etc..

While addressing the sense of sight and taste with sparkling clean houses, and delicious food,  it is a great occasion to make the house smell good using natural materials such as fragrant flowers, organic dhoops and incense.

Will be back with more for the festive season, Have a Happy Ashtimi every one !!


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