Tuesday, December 31, 2013


May you live in interesting times, goes a curse. It  is of  either Chinese or Irish provenence. Have heard that one in  different contexts through out this year.
Personally if I can say one thing about this year that was, it would definitely be that.  Interesting. but cursed? not at all!
For in 2013  I learnt. I let go. Was challenged. I sought. I found answers. Made friends. Said bye. Found love and detachment in unexpected places. I laughed. I cried. Was questioned. Was answered. Experienced confusion and clarity . All in equal measure.
Do I say it was a mixed year ?  It was !!  but more than anything else and most importantly it was an interesting one.
A final word before  this  year ends. 
fleeting moments made by light and shadows.. Impressions that vanish before fully formed.  
A quite note of remembrance and hope for another interesting year to come for myself and all wonderful readers of  this blog.
I also take this time to thank you for reading, responding and connecting with me through this blog.
Have an interesting 2014 folks..!



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