Friday, January 11, 2013


In February this year, I would have completed five years of blogging. Each year around this time, I'd think about the blog with an intention of evaluating the space and my motivations. What does it mean to blog? Why a blog? why about homes? Whose home? Mine? Others- These and  other questions I did not articulate to myself very well in the beginning.
What to say?  How to say?  Will there be stuff to talk about all the time? will people read?

Each  time I tried to pin down the answers,  other important distractions veered me off  course.  Only this year, I am going to do it!
Before January gets by and this baby is already  Februaryish ripe and passing.  Here is the first post of the year. A little late perhaps but  other things have been kept waiting. Hopefully there will be  lots of posts  and much to share in the successive months of 2013, but it all begins with this mission statement of sorts.

When I started, this is all I could think the blog was going to be about :

"Inside. homes. life. kitchen. photography. stories. outside. journeys. travel. meandering. constructions-deconstructions."

Random. Just a broad list of topics. "Kitchen capers" ?!! did I really say that?  Does it get more superficial than that ?
--When with the benefit of hindsight, I can already say that what has come off the journey has been anything but!.

With a little more thought, here is what it is:
A document about home- mine and others I encounter. Home as a shelter that houses, families, people, hopes, dreams, aspirations. The aesthetics and practical matters that go into making it home.  
Not so much life as ways of living- the cultural, aesthetic and art of living. That would include traditions, cultures,  arts and crafts.

Why people build? how they build? Cities that are threaded together by many homes, buildings, structures, and spaces in general. And because  the private and public are interconnected,  markets, bazaars, gardens, museums- pretty much wherever serendipity leads. So journeys near and far.

The past and  the present. Histories, traditions that ought to inform and empower.
All of that and also kitchen capers...;)  and other capers of  sane and insane variety is what this blog is all about..!

As for the psychology,  dramas, laughter, blood, tears and dreams that also go into making homes, will leave most of that out, most of the time :) -   that makes the girl in the girlabouthome a bit of a nonentity.. but its better that way.

About me?  I am a drifter. Always running from this and that..Escape with me. If you like a particular escapade, leave me a line, am always up for a conversation... so I will revert no matter what.

Apart from that I am also a photographer and writer. Love cities- my current affair with Mumbai well into the third year.. I do all the things that avid city lovers do- walk around, connect with one neighbourhood or the other regularl, photograph, read and learn something about the place every day.  A lot of my city stories spill on to my other blog : Girlabouttown...

This major task out of my way..promise to be back to the business of updating the blog the fastest I can... If for some reason my wanderings lead me astray for intervals, please bear with me..  Although I tend to go off radars every now and then, I do almost always come back!


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