Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Organize De-clutter Display

Taking a break from the colour stories to write about little things. A forgotten corner of the bed room. A tiny spot of space by the window. Have used to organize stuff that would not fit into the closet.. most of it is too pretty to sit inside a closet any way!
The corner is utilised to store and display a collection of junk jewellery, old bags, the few books that I am reading right now, scarves, bags and shoes, family photographs and a whole lot of other things, that left alone would be a complete mess.
The few things that can be done to de-clutter and store things well, is to sort the objects and unify the look of a space using interesting things to store them..
Bags and Baskets: Antique Rattan basket from Green Lantern, HK. Tribal applique dowry bag from Matsya Here.

Baskets of different sizes, shapes and types can be used to serve as catch-alls for jewelery, old textiles, remote controls, books, keys, CDs and random odds and ends.
Pegs and hooks:Pegs from British India- Singapore, Silk and potli Key chains, turquoise necklace from Stanley Market HK and Polka Dot woolen Scarf from Kashmir Handicrafts- Mumbai.
Instead of stashing interesting bags, scarves key chains and jewellery out of sight, I use clothes pegs and hooks to hang stuff as I please. The display keeps changing to suit mood and convenience...

Antique Burmese embellished bag I inherited from my Grandmother, assorted jewelry from Jade Market HK, and Baskets from all over..

Assorted bangles and more baskets
Woolen scarf from Kashmir Handicrafts and
Potli scarf from the lovely Kanika's Anek Designs LinkHere


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