Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank You!!!!

This  one is for Vineeta Nair, of the immensely popular, Artnlight - blogger, multi-tasker, foodie, conversationalist, passionate and witty personality and artist extraordinaire.. (There is plenty more facets to her I might be omitting here for sure !)

Have known and admired her work for quite some time now.  I am honoured, privileged and absolutely delighted to find a place on her fabulous blog..!

A humble house, and even the ordinary details have come alive at her hand and keen eye for detail. The few hours we spent together chatting over mugs of tea, and watching her work were delightful and priceless learning. I cannot thank V enough for considering the feature and filling my home with her sunny personality and intelligent wit, for one whole afternoon...
Watch her work magic for yourself ...



Both the Photograhs are by Vineeta Nair .


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