Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A pinch of Pink


pink    [pink] Pronunciation Key - noun, adjective, -er, -est.–noun

1.a color varying from light crimson to pale reddish purple.
2.any of several plants of the genus Dianthus, as the clove pink or carnation.
3.the flower of such a plant; carnation.

Come spring and pink dominates the mountainside. In Fuchsias, purples, almost crimson and magentas to peaches and softer pinks of the Bauhinia, Cherry blossom, Camellia, Azalea the gorgeous Magnolia and a bunch of flowers I've yet to know names for.

Brown hopeless trees burst with a passion unknown to December- populating their branches with blooms of every shade possible in the family.

The profusion of blooms tells you Holi is near. A festival of colours and deeply etched memories of loved faces smeared in shocking-pink Gulal.

For all my love of the colour, I've always been too chicken to surround my self with too much of it.
In its vibrant, more pure shades, pink  dominates and  hogs a lot of attention. It is clearly a colour for the less faint hearted.
Unable to resist, I  tend to use a little bit of pink around the house this time of the year, but in very small pinches...


In a heap of blossoms on my puja thali.


In a little bit of bougainvillea at 
the feet of a stone Ganpati.


In a rose bowl at the feet of my beloved Buddha.

With black .. lots and lots of black. 
Blacks and earthy browns 
tone and also enhance the richness of pink.
Like lotuses set at the feet of a black marble shiv-linga,  a rosebud tucked into neatly braided tressess.

With blue for they go hand in hand. 
Pink swathed trees always come with a blue sky above. like a pink sari drying on a turquoise blue roof top in Jodhpur.


With Jade green, 
reminiscent of chinese silk, jewel tones set againts lustrous pottery.

In a tiny gravy pot on the book shelf. 


With some more celadon green and evening tea for two.


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