Friday, September 28, 2012

While I was away..

Among the few things that happened early this year while I was away from the blog :

A book which  features one of my photographs from this blog on its cover came out early this year.

A Festschrift titled Anthony Reid and the study of the Southeast Asian past - published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. The book celebrates  scholar and historian, Anthony Reid's contribution  to the field  of Southeast Asian History. 

The cover uses a picture I had taken for a post on Indonesian Ikat (here).

Was thrilled to find my copy in the mail! Sharing an image of the book with all you readers:


Finding a space on Bangalore based Artist, Aarohi's blog!( here) I was thrilled to be part of the all women series Aarohi did on her blogger friends. 

I've been an ardent admirer of Aarohi and her involvement with the cause of  stray dogs..(read more).  In fact whatever this spirited woman takes on to do, she does with so much love and fire, it is an inspiration to just watch. 

I would like to say more about Aarohi and the various offshoots  of her artistic journey right away.. but something tells me I should wait. There will be more Art by Aarohi on this blog in time to come for sure.. ! Until then:

Thanks for the feature Aarohi and being the friend you are!! :)


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