Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wall stories : Paint

Posting an update about this weekend's exertions.  Paint. The good news is that  colour being the last stage of a interior project means the whole deal is finally in its last leg. However this to me is the hardest phase,  too many decisions,  much procrastination and too much confusion. 
We finished testing shades on most walls finally.. Positing the colour palette for the house.


Family / TV area

 One wall in the living room is going to be just short of shocking pink ! ( I know I've lost it totally, but this had to be done once in a lifetime  ;) - its a largish wall- the largest in the house and thats a lot of colour.. fingers crossed :))

African Mud and black colours

We want a verrrry Red Red, was the brief from the girls .. they got their wish ! The plan is to balance the red with a buff coloured wall in the same room also

Lime green and blue for the boy.. I thought my years were ringing when he said `cerulean'.. I want a cerulean blue.. :)

Thats all for today folks.. Am off for a short break.. Will be back with more news from the house end of next week ! DO leave your comments and feedback.. ! I want somebody to dissuade me from going pink while there is still time!!!


Aarohi said...

Go pink woman!! Go all out. One life to live and all that.
I can't wait to see the walls all done up. The green is really greener then I anticipated. Mira and Uma's wall has a tad more orange than I thought of but gosh! I love the little imp peeking through in that expression of hers :-)
I think this whole project will be stunning once complete. I want to see the mirror. What colour behind that?

Kalyani Ganapathy said...

Go fuschia pink with a hint of orange! It would look gorgeous, the color is tempting me to think of painting some of my motifs on walls Chandan!

Chandan Dubey said...

Thanks Kalyani ! you must paint those motifs!
Aarohi : :) !!!!! Thanks for all the help in picking the colours !! the green is looking greener in the light and this was just the first coat..! fingers crossed. :)

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