Sunday, July 3, 2011


Girl about home has moved. Yet again. Countless times in ten years. Pitching tent, folding all parts of a movable household and moving on- comes easily by now. This time, I am back home, to a city I love - Mumbai.

A lot has happened. I have had no time although all the inclination to sit and go over the going-ons of last year. As I try to put it together on the blog, a sense of panic grips me, a familiar fear of the blank page. I have in the process of finding my feet in a new city and a new country with a much large family, neglected this space and there is just too much to share.

Where does one begin? Maybe like Lewis Carol says in his Alice in the wonderland, ``it is best to begin at the beginning,’’

So I shall start with pictures of the skeleton of an apartment that I stepped into exactly the same time -first week of July-last year. It was instant love. The space has transformed into our home over the course of a year.

Setting up home has to be the most enjoyable experience I have had in this exciting and super challenging city this far. Making it mine with colour texture, pattern, material and yeah, love..lots of it..has been a ride. And what a ride! Meeting wonderfully talented people, discovering exciting places to shop at, working with painters, masons and contractors, learning new things and not to miss the problems and lessons learnt for life !

This house was a first in many regards, the first one my babies moved in to, the first one that I supervised from start to finish, the first one with so much colour, and at least one room that I took upon myself to paint myself....

Will keep adding the various elements that have gone into dressing the space in subsequent posts. Also stories from Mumbai, my hugely fascinating new home. There is much I have encountered and learned… More later. Have a great day folks :).

The beautiful Ganpati belongs to the previous occupants of the house.. of course we keep it.

The area that I took upon myself to paint ..!


Patricia Torres said...

Even the empty walls of this home look stunning.. So is this where you are moving out of?? Where are the current pics?? I've love to see the colours and your painted wall..

Geetha said...

Good that you are back! Spacious house...Want to see the end result!

pal said...

Hey! Great to see you back! I had figured out that you probably moved out of Hongkong ( part of expat life)!. Look forward to some great photographs of the magical transformation of your apt..knowing your flair for design I am sure it will be superb :-)

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Chandan, I've admired your blog and all your photos ever since I came to blogland. It's good to have you back.
Looking forward to pictures of your finished home.

Chandan said...

Hi Pat, Geetha, Pal, Neha! Thanks for dropping by guys.. it is great to finally start posting again.. Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Nice renovation,perfect interior design.

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