Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Housing Books

As a very young child I was sure I'd grow old in a cottage by the sea somewhere, surrounded by cats and books...  Now well into adulthood,  I have decided  I am allergic to cats. As for the

cottage, it is there still, somewhere in my dreams... Have remained true to atleast one of  the child- hood resolves though.  The one about books. 
Over the past few years I have collected books of all kinds.. add to that hubby dearests treasured tomes and  subsequently the brats mini library.  Before I realised there were more books around than  I could manage.
After months of persistent tackling we have been able to display  and store most of our collection effectively.....well almost..!
Here are a few pictures  from our mini library, which for lack of space,  has spilled out of my study into every corner of  the house by now.

Located  this fantastic little planter at a furniture sale.   This one was among the last pieces at the store.  Owing to a broken wheel,  I was able to pick it up at throw away prices. It has housed my paper backs ever since.  A little kitschy perhaps, but loads of fun none the less..!

The sofa in the living room anchors a pile of books on  a teak wood platter from Rajasthan. The basket on the left is used to protect  well thumbed  volumes inherited from my mom and grand mom.

A  ladder bought with the intention of being used in a library eventually, is put to use in the meanwhile storing  books. The piece can be converted into a chair with additional storage at the base- which allows me to use it differently from time to time.


 The book rack in the study  carries more than its fair share of load.  It is put to good use storing my sons collection of clay toys from India besides books.


Bay windows in most of the rooms have allowed me to create designated  `reading corners in the living room and bed room.  The spaces are cosy and light-filled, with  plenty of books available at hand at all times including our `current reads'.


Ever since my six-year-old decided he was too old for his rocking horse , the toy has stored my copies of Elle decor and Nat Geo ( left).  A Balinese teak bowl stores old  copies of the List and `Good things'.


Book stands from antique and flea markets display some of my favourite coffee table books in the living room and study.



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