Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Float em Rangolis!

A much needed idea for a fool proof, kid proof and long lasting  rangoli.
For somebody who is very powder challenged, these serve the purpose very well.

Consider making floating flower rangoli's  on a few days this festive season. They not only provide a contemporary twist to the good old traditional rangoli,  they are portable and super simple to put together as well.  

It does help tremendously that they can be made with very few flowers - Most of these here have been made with flowers that grow in the yard or the side of the road- and will last longer  than the traditional powder/ flower rangoli too. ( I have to be really lucky to have any thing on floor level alive and put together even for a few minutes!!)

They are simple like the one in red and yellow below

Or slightly complex, with the red flower petal patterned edging

An abstract composition created with three colours, seems to attract attention  of an entirely different kind.. as bees are drawn to the colour and water on the  balcony !

Trying a different colour combinations..   Using petals instead of whole flowers with blooms like rose and marigolds, various complex patterns may be created. Although, I  like to keep it simple and hassle free.

Yet another idea that uses very few flowers and takes seconds to put together..!

More coming up.. Watch this space.... until then happy floating !


Aarohi said...

Beautiful idea/concept and implementation.
I love the vibrancy of the colours :-)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

stunning images.

Shanthi said...

Lovely ideas! Good post.

Patricia Torres said...

oh what a stunning idea.. sooooooooo gorgeous!

nanditark said...

very very innovative decor ideas ... love the rangoli designs ... will surely like to try some at my place too ! HAVE A VERY VERY HAPPY and PROSPEROUS DEEPAWALI !!! and yeah,very thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me for my work ! Thanks a lot ...

vineeta said...

STUNNING!! I LOVE THIS CHANDAN!! I hope my use of all caps is conveying the extent of my excitement!! :) :) But really. This is brilliant blogging! I am so inspired I can't tell you. You are completely coming into your own glory with what you are doing here these days. I am SO happy! My fav image is the pink rose petals on your white marble floater. Fantastic!!

Priti Singh said...

Whoa! I have written three posts continuously about Rnagoli designs and was looking out for good posts to link back...unfortunately I didn't find any.
Glad to have found going to update my post with a link to this beautiful idea of rangoli designs.


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