Sunday, September 25, 2011

Girl about town

Started writing a brand  new blog today at :
This one to mostly feature travel writing and photography and some randomness. Do check it out ..

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Harshika said...

Hi Chandan,

I already went to your other new blog and tried commenting 4 times, some error keeps happening , so am commenting here. Oh, I dont know why my comment didnt get through. :( Anyhow,heres the nice bit, I am from Varanasi, for now based in Dubai. I commented long time ago on your blog and was deeply disappointed when you disappeared for a very long time. Ijustlove your home, so pretty! and your taste.
But mainly I am commenting here, because like I said I am from Benaras. Born and brought up there and visit thrice a year to see my family, havent been to the ghats in a long time though. I guess the locals take it for granted, its just there you know! :) Same with Sarnath, havent been in ages! Thanks for sharing the pics of vns, they always always are lovely, no matter who clicks.

your post reminds me of home now...



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