Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eco Wraps

For those who love to wrap their gifts, but are wary of wasting paper, here is my year of gift wrapping in pictures.
Have avoided buying gift wrapping paper for a whole year now, using alternate materials like newspaper, used paper, magazines and recycled packaging material and fabric.
Sample these
A child's birthday gift is packed in paper made from News paper, recycled gift wrapping paper ( which was too creased to reuse as is) curling ribbon from balloon ties and paint. The paper was made by my eight year old during the course of an afternoon activity.

Tissue paper salvaged from a shopping bag was used to pack a baby shower gift. The cutesy accent on the gift in turn salvaged from the bottom of my child's toy chest.

For a fashionista buddy, an attractive center-spread from Financial Time's Weekend Supplement made the perfect wrap alternative!

There was no reason to dispose off an A4 sized paper that had served its purpose. Used it to wrap a bottle of perfume.

To wrap my Diwali gifts, we hand block printed peacock motifs on old newspaper with gold and red acrylic paints.

Apart from those that I could document in images, there were wraps fashioned out of scrap fabric, plastic and spray painted newspaper.
Have been trying to recycle every scrap of paper that we use around the house, in whatever way possible. More later.


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Lovely post.just thoughtful of so many ways we can reuse and recycle.amazing images.love the feel each image intends to give.good post chandan.wait for more posts form you.

pRiyA said...

Very nice Chandan. I am not patient with wrapping gifts but I once wrapped a book for a friend with a comics section from the Sunday newspaper and thought it looked really nice if I may say so myself.
I simply love the way you've wrapped these gifts with those little touches. Very very pretty.

Chandan said...

Thanks Lakshmi..
Priya, There was a time I would not bother myself or get the store to wrap gifts if it had to be done. Now I make it a point to use recycled materials to wrap gifts for three reasons, first, it is a good way to occupy children, second, it tells them about the importance of being conscious and sensitive to what and how much is consumed, and third, also serves as a reminder for the person receiving the gift.

~ ॐ ~ said...

I like I like!!!!

Patricia Torres said...

Lovely post.. I like the Diwali wrapping idea...

I always use newspapers to wrap gifts for my kids friends parties... Occassionally.. I also get the girls to draw with sketch pen, or put stickers, or do some stencil work... And with a little bit of ribbon... they look amazing!!

Sarah said...

Great ideas. I love stamping with potato stamps too. Comics are fun for kids... do kids even read the comics anymore?

Chandan said...

Thanks, Prashant, Patricia and Sarah!
fun ideas girls,- discarded art work by the kids, old calendars and yes comics make lovely wraps.

Arch at Rang said...

Oh! I am a sucker for gift wrappers and love wrapping then in all sorts of materials:-)

Lovely idea!

Love your header:-)


TheKeyBunch said...

Oh such dear ideas! Loved your diwali stamps on newsprint!



Bhavna said...

Such good stuff! This is the kind of wrapping paper that you would hate to tear up when opening up the gift...you would carefully peel off the tape and save the paper to gaze at later :)

Pls to do a how to on peacock stamp..how do you do the two color thing? Thankee!

Chandan said...

Thanks Arch, Sharon and Bhavna. B, there is nothing to the block print newspaper, just good old newspaper, acrylic paint in gold thinned with just enough water and wooden block. The tw toned effect is accidental!

Anonymous said...

loved your blog, saw it for the first time today - simply fab

Mélanie said...

Inspiring post. Very good ideas

Leigha said...

Love these ideas! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love eco wraps use newspaper instead of plastic.

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