Monday, February 10, 2014

Home is where the inspiration is.

Announcing the winner of the giveaway posted early last month.  Canada based architect and entrepreneur, Liza Skaria's answer  bags her  this limited edition print signed in verso :

A detail of make shift , plastic and canvas tents that house pilgrims at Kumbh city, Allahabad.

On the subject of homes and what they mean to us,  a couple of conversations I have had with friends and readers recently brings me to today's  post..

In which what one surrounds oneself with finds organic and subconscious expression in what one does sometimes.
Its going to be a series of quick collages I posted to a secret Pinterest board recently.  One that a fellow blogger friend the inimitable Archana Srinivas of Rang Decor encouraged me to put together. Archana needs no introduction, but this much has to said, she is a major motivation for mine among a score of other blogs like ours . Read her lovely blog here.

That my  home is an expression of what drives me internally is something I  knew intuitively.  But to realise how much took this little exercise.. 

One morning for me, and an evening for Archana who currently building her nest in Minnesota, USA, many steaming cups of tea and a free wheeling chat about work inspiration and `style' prompted me to look into my work and  and inspirations.

With some thinking I juxtaposed work from the Photo+ series I launched last year against vignettes from my home and work, in collages and came to a realisation...

Like every book read, ever word written, every movie seen, every place traveled what you photograph, and what you curate as an environment around you has a say in who you are and what your inspirations will be. It matters what you say with your home..!

Have  shared the mood-boards I created for Archana with you via these hurriedly put together collages. Do leave me a word if this resonates with you at any level ( of agreement or disagreement both ) at all!


Shweta Sharma said...

I love the richness of Indian culture and colors in your design. Fuchsia wall....not everybody can pull that off so easily but you make it work so soothingly.

Amtrips said...

this is truly inspiring.. i love the collages...

I would be interested to hear from you about mood board.


Chandan said...

Hi Shweta and Amrtia! :Thanks for dropping by. Shweta, I realised in the process of doing that wall that brught pink although overpowering is a very forgiving color, it takes to a whole lot of complementary colors very well. Althow very high on contrast, the resulting pallet does not lack in drama!
Amrita, I think that is pretty much all I will say about the moodboards for now :)

Honoré Bazin said...

Beautiful workspace and home Kanika. I am in love with so many aspects of your space!

Shruti Nayar said...

These are totally awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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Aadi Rane said...

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