Tuesday, December 31, 2013


May you live in interesting times, goes a curse. It  is of  either Chinese or Irish provenence. Have heard that one in  different contexts through out this year.
Personally if I can say one thing about this year that was, it would definitely be that.  Interesting. but cursed? not at all!
For in 2013  I learnt. I let go. Was challenged. I sought. I found answers. Made friends. Said bye. Found love and detachment in unexpected places. I laughed. I cried. Was questioned. Was answered. Experienced confusion and clarity . All in equal measure.
Do I say it was a mixed year ?  It was !!  but more than anything else and most importantly it was an interesting one.
A final word before  this  year ends. 
fleeting moments made by light and shadows.. Impressions that vanish before fully formed.  
A quite note of remembrance and hope for another interesting year to come for myself and all wonderful readers of  this blog.
I also take this time to thank you for reading, responding and connecting with me through this blog.
Have an interesting 2014 folks..!



Shaz Originals said...

Ohhhh that second picture.... looks like its out of a painting...beautifully captured..

Chandan said...

Hey Shaz! Happy new year. That was one final look out side my bed room window before we could shift out of the house early last year :)

Shalini said...

Happy New Year Chandan!
Thank you 2013 for it gave us an oppotunity to connect... you are very inspiring! Lets see what journey 2014 has is store.

the east coast desi said...

Happy New Year Chandan !!! Beautiful clicks.....


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