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Balinese Villa

Ancient Indonesian legend has it that the Gods created the realm of the heavens-sky- for themselves, the earth for animals and the ocean for fishes. For men they chose an earthly paradise. Pulling a fish out of the bowels of the sea, they held it to the light, its tail forming a peninsula, gills- water of lakes and the backbone a string of mountains stretching across the length an the breadth of the island.

Shadow art
Thus created ~Bali- which also means offering was given to man.  The island has won an unearthly reputation as `heaven’ and `Eden’ ever since.
Bali resonates with stunning natural beauty that permeates the very fabric of life and aesthetic on the island. Reflecting variously in the islander’s expression of beauty in art architecture, dance music and even the everyday rituals of life.

The Villa
It has long captured the imaginations of travelers from all over the world.  Overcome by the fecund landscape and all pervasive expression of beauty, Playwright and composer Noel Coward in his witty style complained to friend Charlie Chaplin in verse:
As I was saying this morning to Charlie,
There's far too much music in Bali. 
And though as a place it is entrancing
There's also, I thought too much dancing.

It seems that each Balinese native
From the womb to tomb is creative.
And though the results are quite clever,
There's too much creative endeavor!

Private plunge pool facing the Indian Ocean in our villa

River facing  plunge pool of  a neighbouring villa.

The island's famous beauty has attracted hordes of settlers, designers, artists and people from all fabric of life further enriching the cultural tapestry .  Moreover it attracts tourist by the droves from all over the globe.

The room *

Dining Area of the Villa
Posting a few images of charming stone villas we stayed in during a recent trip to the island haven. 
Built in the local Balinese style, the thatched Villas are  open-sided pavilions, each with its  own stunning view.  The villas are furnished with traditional bamboo and colonial furniture. 
Cheerful Indonesian fabrics and artifacts are an important part of the decor.

Despite their  deceptively  simple indigenous  appearance  the villas come kitted with all conceivable creature comforts, offering visitors  an idealized experience in tropical living albeit in open pavilions and  under thatched  roofs.  The outdoor stone and bamboo shower areas and quaint private plunge pools only  complete the very pretty  picture.

Outdoor seating in the open pavilion.
In the 1960s vacation houses first started being built on the island. In the late 1980’s the Amandari hotel opened near Ubud, setting a new standard for boutique hotels. By now the island is transformed. While the Balinese struggle to retain their traditional values, the island is increasingly colonized by tourism.  
Dinner table
Staying in the pristine carefully beautified and structured environment of the island today it is hard not to ponder over the real impact tourism has had on the island.
As vehement critics of how tourism has invaded the local culture and ecology write Bali off as a paradise lost already, it will do well for us as tourists anywhere to be mindful of the footprints we leave in the process of visiting and enjoying new places.
Tips for green travel:
At your Hotel
  •   Reuse bed linen and towels etc
  •   Keep showers, short
  •   Use reusable dishes and cutlery only
  •   Pack wisely and reuse plastic bags if you’ve carried any
  •   Do not litter. Carry a small bag for your garbage.
  •  Find out about your hotel’s recycling program and dispose your waste accordingly. If the  Hotel does not have a recycling program, consider carrying all recyclable waste such as  empty plastic and glass bottles back home with you.
  •  Minimize use of Air-conditioning and other electrical amenities in your room.

* The room picture courtesy, https://baliwww.com


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Lovely pics Chandan. Loved their beautiful furniture and the lovely colors.Great tips too!

Thanks for sharing!

ishmi said...

Gorgeous pictures! :) I have been wanting to visit Bali for a long time now and seeing your pictures makes me want to be there right now! :)
Can you please tell me the name of the villa you stayed in? It seems to have the best view, and simply the best of everything! :)

Chandan said...

Sharon: thanks!

Ishmi: Thanks for dropping by. We stayed at the Le Meridian Nirwaana Resort. It is a gorgeous property with 12 villas besides the standard hoetl rooms... If you prefer something more accesible, Four Seasons in Jimbaran Bay is within arms distance of Denpasar, stunning Villas, great food.

Sagar said...

Those pictures are fantastic, you sure had a great time in Bali. Did you happen to talk to any of the natives about how they think tourism is affecting them?

bindu said...

So beautiful and serene! Lovely pictures.

Arch at Rang said...

Looks so beautiful and serene:-)

Seems like you had a great time:-)


Vasudha.dilip said...

hi chandan !!!!

I love Bali... I have also read a lot about this place... I simply love how nature is so calm and serene here....I would love to spend a a great deal of time in Bali....I specially liked the room and the outdoor seating of this villa.....excellent pictures...so very refreshing...

ishmi said...

thanks for all the info Chandan! :)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely pictures and think you had avery enjoyable trip and stay.

Jagriti said...

beautiful pics and lovely description...after reading your post i am definitely inspired to put Bali on my list of must visit places...

wud love to see more pics of the place if u have...

Anonymous said...

Nice villa,lovely post glad reading all this.

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